2013 Volvo C30 dream car

I own a 2007 VW Rabbit 4-door and it’s just at the 63K mark. It has been an awesome car so far. There are some electrical issues I’m having: the front light says it’s out but it’s not, the backseat window only rolls down the opposite way (so instead of pushing down on the button, you push up to open it), and the car won’t lock on the passenger’s side door. It also has some cosmetic damage. I know I could easily make the repairs, but I feel like other big ones (brakes, clutch, etc.) will be next, plus it’s getting old. I’m thinking about getting a 2013 Volvo C-30 because it’s my dream car and just selling mine. The question is, a) is this dumb. And b) the Volvo is a 2-door and I have a 5 year old. Will that be a total mistake?

It doesn’t matter if you have a child or not. Volvo vehicles aren’t cheap to keep maintained or repaired.

Every person I know who’s owned a used Volvo only kept a year or two because of the costs of maintenance and repair.

And Lorie loved her Volvo.


If owning a Volvo is your dream, you might be better off going back to sleep and having a different dream.

“If owning a Volvo is your dream, you might be better off going back to sleep and having a different dream.”

My Volvo Dream rapidly turned into a nightmare, as a result of the really poor reliability of that marque and the above-average costs for keeping these cars running. I don’t know where the myth of Volvo reliability originated, but–trust me–it is a myth of epic proportions.

Also it’s tight on room, not a good car with a kid.

a) your dream is not a dumb dream. Making it a reality would be dumb.
I dream of owning a Bentley convertible. Making my dream a reality would also be dumb.
Never confuse dreaming with reality.

b) at five years old, your son can learn to climb in and out of the back of a coupe without a problem. Just don’t have any more kids.

If you have the itch for a new ride, get a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore and browse the data. CR isn’t perfect, but IMHO it’s the best and most comprehensive aggregate of data available. It should help you make an intelligent selection. Remember, before you know it you’ll be paying for Little League, Soccer, and ultimately college for your son. That’s about 10,000 times more important than having your dream car. And 100,000 times more gratifying.


+1 !

The Volvo will have high maintenance and repair costs. Edmunds estimates that the 5 year maintenance cost will be about $6700 and repairs should be $4700. A Lexus IS250 will cost about $2000 less over five years to repair, but $3000 more to maintain. An Accura ILX will cost around $4500 to maintain and $2500 to repair. A Subaru Impreza hatchback from 2013 will cost aboutt the same as the Acura. If you want a manual transmission, the Subaru Impreza WRX might be an interesting choice. These days, you might still have to put your 5 year old in a car seat, and you may want to check the buckle and belt each time she rides in the car. That will get old with a 2 door car. It’s not as bad as putting an infant or toddler back there, but it’s still unnecessary gymnastics. It the cost doesn’t deter you, follow your dream. But there are other cars that competed with the C30 that were considered more desirable at the time. Edmunds.com has a review of the 2013 C30. You might want to read before you start looking. If after you read several reviews and do your own test drive you still want one, go for it. Some people prefer reliability and low operating costs above all else. Others like a car with pizazz and are willing to sacrifice other qualities to get what they want. I have a friend that owned a 1980-something Corvette. He was unhappy after he picked it up from the repair shop, but was smiling within 2 blocks because he enjoyed his Corvette so much.

Oh what the heck ! It is your dream car and cars are not investments. Do you want to be setting on your front porch in retirement wishing you had bought the C30 and didn’t ? I once bought a very fast sport bike and only kept it two years because at 50 years old it made my back think of medieval torcher . I don’t regret it all and still remember the 1300 mile trip on it at insane speeds.

If you do want one, test drive it first, they didn’t do well when tested by magazines. It was meant to compete with the Mini, but failed.

I’d much rather have a GTI.

Your current car has low miles and is only 8 years old

The problems you mentioned don’t sound like a big deal, in all honesty

Without seeing your car, sounds like you may need a window switch . . . or maybe a window motor . . . and a door lock actuator. This is usually simple to diagnose and repair

“I know I could easily make the repairs, but I feel like other big ones (brakes, clutch, etc.) will be next”

With all due respect, perhaps you should buy new and not hang onto any car for longer than 2 years. In 2 years time, you probably won’t be due for brakes. And almost certainly not due for a clutch, if you have any kind of driving skill

Seriously, though, I think getting rid of a car because a brake job MAY be due soon, is not necessarily sound reasoning

Brake jobs and tires are part of the normal expenses associated with car ownership. If you keep a car long enough, or if you bought it with some miles on it, a clutch job is also going to be in your future.

Just out of curiosity, are you uncomfortable with the thought of driving an “old” car . . . ?

My vote is to keep the VW and do the repairs. Sometimes that itch for a new dream car can turn into a nightmare.

If the VW had a couple hundred thousand miles on it I might be tempted to say go car hunting but 67k is nothing.

“If owning a Volvo is your dream, you might be better off going back to sleep and having a different dream.”

Sorry…this statement is so good it needed to be repeated again. Kudos Triedaq! This is one to remember since I can substitute several other car maker’s names as well.

I wonder what the timing belt situation is in regards to the VW. That’s another basic maintenance item if not already done that may push someone into another car once the cost of that chore is discovered.

This all sounds like a case of New Car Fever to me.

Just remember, some dreams are nightmares.

Glass half full, glass half empty.

You guys are amazing! Thank you SO much for all your feedback. I’m going to not go for the C30 and either fix my car or look into the Consumer Reports for the Honda Fit. It definitely wouldn’t be a dream car if I was spending my kid’s college fund on repairs. Thanks, everyone!!

Sincere best.

I think the advice from the others is correct but if you really want to have your dream come true just expect to pay more out to make it happen. You will also most likely find that putting the child in the rear seat will get pretty old rather quickly.

If both the driver and passenger switches to the rear window work in reverse then just reverse the two wire connections to the window motor. If just the passenger switch is reversed then the power connections to it need to be swapped around. A very simple problem to solve.The other electrical problems you mentioned are most likely due to just bad connections and should be pretty easy to solve and not cost you very much to fix. Get the cosmetic things fixed to help in the resale value when you do sell it and, you may even like the car better in doing that.

The VW is getting older but really has low mileage for the age of it. You should have a lot more life in it. I assume it is already paid for. If it were me I would save up some money so I would either have low or no monthly payments for a different car later on down the line. Would Suzy Orman approve this wish you have for the other car using your pocketbook as the guide? Or, would you be denied? Only you know the real answer to that.