Keep or dump 2008 Volvo C30?

Do I keep fixing it? Or trade it in? Or buy steel wheels to replace the aluminium ones that keep getting cracked by Cleveland potholes? Another year, another $1000+ repair…I seriously love this car but wonder when I should stop putting money it. 150K miles so far, but how many more?

We can’t answer that question as you have not explained your car nor your situation.

If you felt the need to post the question at all, I’d say sell or trade it an buy something else.

I’d say dump it before you spend another dollar on it. An out of warranty Volvo is a money pit.

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In Cleveland , I would have a serious look at the underside and let rust be your guide.

Many thanks. Rust is, thankfully, not the issue. Wheels (cracked and or bent rims), cracked axles, wheel bearings, CV joints - all have been or are in need of replacement. I don’t know if the car was designed in a way that’s it’s just too heavy for the suspension system it has or we just have abysmal roads, or both. Currently trying to decide if the hum of the deteriorating wheel bearings is easier to ignore than the dent it’s going to put in my pocket to fix!

Appreciate the answer to a very non-specific and somewhat existential question!


I would guess the repair cost will less than the damage and tow charges if they fail completely while you are driving. Any decent shop can do this wheel bearing repair. As for the wheels , road damage is something any vehicle can have . After market wheels are less expensive then factory.