2013 Toyota Venza - Oil consumption

excessive oil consumption.

Ask shop to check pcv system operation. For more ideas suggest to post the amount; i.e. quarts per 1000 miles.

Ah, Thanks !

Your Venza is gasoline powered right?

Yes. 4 cly Love the car. Qt oil every 2 weeks

How far do you drive every 2 weeks? How many miles on the engine?


Great, that tells us nothing. We need to know the mileage per qt.
0 miles per qt = hole in oil pan
1500 miles per qt = moderate consumption (to me)
500 miles per qt = excessive.
Manufacturers differ on what they consider excessive.


Typical suburban car, say about 200 miles per week, or for two weeks, oil loss is a quart in 400 miles. Anything more than a quart in 500 miles pretty much has to be dealt with, so OP is probably close to the cut-off point.

As I recall some Toyota engines in that era had a problem where the piston rings would rotate with respect to each other, and eventually their gaps would line up, allowing oil to get past the piston rings. OP might inquire w/dealership is this car’s engine was one of those.

How many miles do you put on in 2 weeks?

While it would be helpful to know how many miles a week you drive, it isn’t absolutely necessary. Unless you’re driving 500 miles or more a week–which is unlikely–you have excessive oil consumption. So I’m going to say yes, there’s an issue. If your engine isn’t leaking oil it’s probably burning it due to worn piston rings.