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2013 Buick Verano oil consumption

I have to add oil every (one half quart) 1.5 k miles. I cannot find any leaks under car, around gaskets etc

Most will agree that is considered well within normal oil usage.


Gee, one quart every 3000 miles. Post back when you are adding a quart every 500 miles.


Has nothing to do with this Buick but…
I was consuming that much with my ‘02 Camry, but I did solve the problem, at least for me. I gave the car away, and did tell the new owner. She was just grateful for a running car.


Good for you for checking your oil, easiest thing you can do to keep your car running and protect your engine.

Check your owners manual and it may list normal oil consumption and it will be a lot more than you are experiencing. Many folks would be delighted to have this low oil consumption.


Do you have the 2.4 4cyl engine. These engines were known for premature ring wear leading to high oil consumption. I had the pistons, rings, and timing chain replaced on my 2013 Equinox with 42k miles in March 2016. There is a class action suit for this problem, I’m not sure of the status or if your car is covered.

1 qt/3000 miles is not bad for this engine, just keep an eye on the oil level and change the oil every 5k miles.

Ed B.

Unless your car is brand new, this isn’t an excessive amount of burning oil, so my advice is to keep a close eye on the oil by checking it once a week.

When owners of almost-new Audis have complained to the manufacturer about excessive oil consumption, they have been informed that consuming 1 qt of oil every 600 miles is “normal” for the engines in their pricey cars. If the OP thinks that the consumption of 1 qt of oil every 3k miles with his 6 year old car is excessive, then I disagree with him.

Benz was the same way . . . 1qt/600 miles was normal

Needless to say, the owners did not feel this was okay . . .