2012 Toyota Venza - Consumes oil

Have a 2012 Toyota Venza that is now consuming 2 quarts of oil every month. It has progressively worsened over the years. Toyota knows they had defective engines but ignored the problem. They should be held accountable and this should be under purchasing defective equipment.

How many miles do you drive a month?

It might be acceptable oil consumption per the manufacturer.


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Sorry to hear about your troubles. But, the engine has lasted for ten years and an unknown amount of miles with unknown (to anyone but maybe you) maintenance history. It’s got to cease being Toyota’s problem at some point…

What engine is it (4 cylinder, V6?).


A piston soak is worth a try.

Hi Nick:
I’m curious where this information came from, especially for their 2012 engines. I know they had some problems with their 2006-2011 2AZ-FE 4-cyl engines, but I thought that was fixed by 2012.

And I believe your car as the 1AR-FE and not the 2AZ-FE engine.

What engine do you have in your car?
Can you provide a pointer to the source?

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OP must have seen this, but it was for earlier year Toyotas.

Toyota Has a Consumption Problem Whether They Want to Admit it or Not (toyotaproblems.com)

Suggest to ask your shop to determine what’s causing the oil loss. It might be something relatively easy to fix, like an external leak, or worn valve stem seals. Do you see a cloud of blueish smoke come out the tailpipe immediately after starting the engine, then it goes away after a minute or two of idling? If so, good chance the problem is the valve stem seals.

Car manufacturers in that era were trying everything possible to improve the fleet’s mpg rating, and accepting a design that has little extra oil loss was often part of the formula. If that’s the issue here, the max oil usage shouldn’t exceed much more than one quart in 500 miles. What’s your oil usage in quarts per 500 miles?

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1000 a month

I have NEVER had a vehicle that consumed the large amount of oil this vehicle consumes AND TOYOTA KNOWS THERES A PROBLEM!

Hi @Nick55:
IIUC, you’re saying you drive 1000 miles/month and you have to add 2 quarts of oil/month. That works out to your need to add a quart every 500 miles. Is that correct?

I have NEVER had a vehicle that consumed the large amount of oil this vehicle consumes AND TOYOTA KNOWS THERES A PROBLEM!

We’re trying to help you but we need more information.
The engines that Toyota had an oil consumption problem with don’t appear to be your engine.

Can you reply with:

  • The engine you have (The 4-cyl 1AR-FE or the 2GR-FE 6-cyl).
  • The mileage on your car.
  • How often the oil changes were done on your car.
  • Did you ever let your car run low on oil?

It often happens that an oil burning problem is caused by insufficient maintenance or by letting your oil level get too low (where it gets hot, cokes, and clogs up the oil control rings). Both of these would completely clear Toyota of any blame.

With more information, we can give you some great guidance. Armed with that, your best next step is what George_San_Jose1 said, which is to take it to a reputable shop to determine why the car is burning oil.


Avoid further damage by checking your oil level every few hundred miles - each fillup? - and top it up to the maximum level in the “OK” segment of the dipstick. Make this convenient by having oil at home and carrying oil in the car if you are away from home.

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I’m not seeing lots of issues with the Venza or Highlander for oil burning in 2012 on carcomplaints. Where did you see that ‘Toyota knows there’s a problem’?

Which engine do you have?

OP claims this isn’t related to any lack of maintenance issue, and I find no reason to disbelieve that. This problem is similar to what occurred on my late 70’s VW Rabbit, which, despite all the routine maintenance on schedule, all of a sudden started using oil at a one quart in 500 miles rate. VW acknowledged some of their engines were having a problem with defective valve stem seals, and agreed to replace them under warranty. Fairly simple, low risk shop job, took a couple hours, & immediately corrected the problem. I should point out the vehicle was fewer than 5 years old at the time, while OP’s is 10.

Thanks George. Due to a multitude of health problems, I just can’t afford a new vehicle and thought I would be able to keep this vehicle for many more years. I need to do something soon because the issue is worsening as time goes by.

As long as the oil consumption remains in the one quart per 500 miles range, a reasonable work-a-round is to top off the oil every 500 miles. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it at this point.

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I have the same issues with my Venza 2012. I have to top up around 1 litre per 1000 KM. Why Toyota does not admit to this problem?

Because its not a problem.


Even if, (and it’s a BIG if), Toyota determined it was a problem, do you think they would do anything for an 11 year old car that’s 8 years, and heaven know how many thousands of KM. out of warranty?? Keep dreaming, cupcake.


What problem, no problem noted on your post.

Hi @hussein.teymuri52_183704

Welcome to the site.

Can you provide:

  • The make, model, engine and year of your car.
  • The number of miles on the car
  • How often the oil was changed over the life of the car, along with the kind of oil.
  • How much oil it’s burning (e.g. miles/quart).
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