2013 Toyota Tacoma - Broken leaf spring

711,000 2005-2011 Toyota Tacomas were recalled for possible leaf spring breakage, this seems like a reasonable question.


Maybe of a Toyota dealer… would take less time than creating a logon ID, asking the question and asking a bunch of random strangers the question.

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Do your homework before going to a dealer. I seem to remember reading something about Tacoma springs being the subject of some recall. Maybe not your year or maybe offer expired, but I seem to remember something about bringing in certain trucks to have rear springs inspected. The more you know about it the more you have to beat up a dealer with. Expect them not to pay for anything they don’t have to, but at least you’ll be talking to someone who can fix your problem. All you’re getting now is a whole lot of uninformed opinion from people who don’t care either way.

I really do not understand that comment . There are a lot of posters here on this site who do care if a problem is solved . As for beating up the dealer , like that is going to get any help .