2013 Toyota RAV4 - Sticky tailgate

My electric controlled tailgate sticks when opening or closing.
Should i replace the gas struts ?
Remote is fine and also is the switches in the car and on the tailgate.
The tailgate sticks more so on the offside/drivers side or righthand side as you are looking at it.

any help would be appreciated

what do you mean by sticks? do you mean it goes part way up and you have to lift it the rest of the way? if so it could be a worn out strut. how do you know its the right side? if your hearing a squeaking or creaking on that side then try lubing the hinge.

When I press the button to operate the tailgate it opens to about an inch and the same when closing.
Could the strut be bent.
I have purchased a pair of electric struts secondhand.
Should I replace them?

Open and close the liftgate manually, if there is a great amount of resistance or drag, the liftgate actuators are failing.

you first said you have gas lift struts. and now you have bought electric struts. if they are electric struts check fuses and relays first before replacing.