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2013 Toyota RAV4 - Funkaway didn't work!

My Rav 4 AC drain hose was clogged and a lot of water soaked into the carpet on the passenger side. Because it was on the passenger side I did not know it was going on. I had the drain hose repaired, but now I can’t seem to get a smell out of the carpet. I have left it in the sun with windows open and have sprayed Funkaway on it a couple of times. Any suggestion on what might eliminate the odor (which brings to mind stinky socks). Many thanks.

It is likely to require you remove the carpet so you can let it, and the backing, dry completely and allow you to clean the floor as well as the underside of the carpet. Likely the passenger seat need to come out, and the sill trim at a minimum to allow you to pull the carpet back. An upholstery cleaning machine can be rented to clean the underside of the carpet (and top, too). A fan will help dry it. Do not put it back while damp or you’ll have to do it all over again.

Many thanks. I was afraid of that (but much appreciated). – Galen Booth

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