A glass bottle of milk crashed in my car. I’ve tried everything to get the funk smell out, and as a last resort replaced the carpet. The funk remains.

I want to unload the funk mobile…when trading it in, should I do the honest thing and tell the dealer? Or do I invite my smoker friends to ride with me, puffing all the to the dealership??

did it spill on the seats or the floor?

Front passenger floorboard and went under the middle console of the car. None on seats…

Seems a bit rash to get rid of the car just because of a smell, if the car otherwise is fine…have you tried taking it to a detail shop for a professional cleaning, telling them about the spill/smell and asking for them to get rid of it for you? Just a thought.

I agree, the car is only a year old. Let me describe it to you…sour milk warmed in the sun and blowing in your face every time you turn the AC or heat on. It’s been detailed three times along with the entire carpet replaced. Vinegar, enzyme cleaners and other assorted suggestions have not helped. Thus, my original question! Fess up or cover up!!!

Something is being missed, the smell has to be coming from somewhere. Has anyone identified exactly where the smell still resides? I’d still investigate this further if I were you…

But…if you trade it in, I’d just not mention the smell. Don’t lie about it, but you don’t have to make the car sound bad right away either. If it comes up, be honest. That’s how I’d approach it.

Pardon me if I am wrong BUT, I’m having difficulty believing the smell got left behind AFTER the “entire carpet replaced”.

Was the underpad replaced as well AND was the metal flooring scrubbed clean? Was the console cover removed during the cleaning process?

What exactly did the glass come in contact with?

it does seem EXTREMELY crazy to get rid of the car just because a little spilt milk!

i would agree that the under pad and the steel pan were not completely cleaned out.

also, you probably have a mold/ gunk problem in the air conditioning duct. the milk may be exacerbating the problem.

do you really want to dump the car? or would getting the spill cleaned up properly be acceptable? it is my experience that a little clean up is FAR more affordable than loosing money on the trade, and starting new payments all over again.

It was a gallon of milk and I would be happy to keep the car if it did not stink. I was not present when the carpet was replaced. I told the dealership to clean the metal and console (even gave them the cleaner). The pad was taken out. The duct work is a possibilty…how the heck does one clean that?