2013 Sedan damage

My empty car got backed into when it was parked on a relatively busy street in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. I noticed it at least a day late anyway. I have been hesitant to drive it at all because it makes a weird scraping sound ( I think the inside of the car part that is around the wheel, I think it is now touching the wheel and make s a scraping sound ). I guess I should bite the bullet and get it worked on…

  1. The vehicle that backed into my vehicle must have been a city vehicle with the yellow paint. Is the insurance company going to give me a hard time (Even though it wasn’t my fault) and jack up my premiums?

  2. What does it look like the damage would cost -ballpark. Im no expert but it looks like at least 2500 bucks to me? Any expertise here would be great - I realize it is just a picture so I don’t expect that someone can actually diagnose anything wrong with the vehicle.


$2,500 does not get much quality work done. My guess is you are in the $6,000 range. Bumper, fender, maybe the hood, headlamp assembly and paint. Call your insurance company and let them handle it. As to what happens to your rates, no clue. But that is what you have insurance for


If you have full coverage insurance just report it to your insurance and let their adjuster give you real answers . If you do not have full coverage then you will not have your rates increased because the insurance will not be out any money.

Also file a hit and run with the local police department.


Yellow paint that low is not from a “city truck” it’s from a yellow pole or fire hydrant


Agree with @It_s-Me The color is wrong for a city vehicle and correct for a post. City vehicles are a darker yellow and would have caused damage higher up.

Insurance adjustors have seen it and heard it all. They won’t fall for this. If you hit a post, your rates will go up or if you loaned the car to someone and they hit a post, your rates will go up OR they may not pay at all depending on your policy.


a lot of insurance companies have accident forgiveness if you have not had an accident in a certain time period. so your rates might not go up. if you have collision coverage, just call your insurance company and make a claim. or you can probably do it online through their website. you will just have to pay the deductible. see if you have rental coverage if need a vehicle while it is being repaired.

That bears repeating.
I am guessing that the OP loaned his car to someone who fibbed about the real situation. Actually, I’m hoping that is the case, rather than the OP trying to build a false case after he/she hit a pole or hydrant on his/her own.


I might add something else, even though it’s a little off-topic

There are lots of private companies that order their fleet vehicles in that same “school bus yellow” that municipalities specify

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Ya think? Really !