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2013 rogue Cvt transmission

The Nissan CVT transmission has been known to have trouble since at least 2008. Nissan is recommended to us that we had an external cooler. Does anyone know if this external cooler was part of the Nissan Rogue CVT transmission prior to 2013 or is this a new fix

Nissan dealer, or from Nissan headquarters? You are wise to be questioning this.

According to Consumer Reports’ survey of Rogue owners, the transmission in the 2013 has reliability ratings of much better than average for Transmission Major and better than average for Transmission Minor.

The Nissan dealer will do the work but Nissan corporate is requiring that the $600 external cooler be added. I’m just wondering if this external cooler is something that Nissan is doing to keep that transmission from overheating or is it something that was part of the transmission before. We are replacing the whole transmission because it overheated.

Rockauto doesn’t list an external transmission cooler for your vehicle.

So the vehicle didn’t have one.


Requiring? And if you don’t?

There has to be an incentive, and a penalty. This sounds fishy.

look through site

I recall it was a TSB related to adding an external CVT cooler for SOME of vehicles, it was not a recall, it was a campaign where dealer has to verify that overheating is indeed the issue (using Consul scanner and some owner Q&A checklist)

don’t trust my memory, but I believe it was something like “if owner indicates vehicle to limit the speed at a long highway drive, check with COnsul for the indication of the fluit overheating, install an external cooler” or such