Nissan Rouge 2013 transmission problems VIN not under ext warranty

Just picked up a 2013 Rogue and noticed the tranny kind of rough in the “shift to 2nd”.

Looked it up and saw there were issues with the CVT. Which also means there definitely shouldn’t be a rough shift.

Also has a little shudder at accel at low speeds.

Called the dealer’s service department and they said my VIN isn’t part of the extended warranty.

What should I do now?

95k miles and it was a repo so I’m gonna bet they never serviced the tranny at any point.


If the dealership that sold it to you won’t try to remedy the problem, then I strongly recommend that you go to an independently-run (not a chain) transmission shop for an undoubtedly long-overdue fluid change. This might help, or it might not, but an indy trans shop is your best bet for resolving the problem.

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What are your plans? Did you buy it to flip? None buys a 10 yr old Nissan expecting a long life.

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Bought it private party.

My wife was in a fender bender (not her fault) and every shop is backed up for months.

So vs renting a car at 2k/month I thought it made more sense to buy something used and then sell it in a few months to get back most or maybe even more of our money. :slight_smile:

Regarding Tranny fluid. I mechanic friend of mine (and I’ve read this elsewheres) says if it’s not been properly maintained, then fluid change could make things worse.


There is no actual shifting to second in a CVT. The transmission can simulate it when in manual mode.

I had this exact discussion about fluid changes with a fellow customer at my Nissan dealer a few days ago. The service writer was discussing recommended services. When the car owner said he didn’t know the transmission service history, the service writer then advised against having the fluid changed.

This is mostly an old wives’ tale. What happens is, a transmission starts acting up, often after a failure to change the fluid at the proper intervals. The owner has the fluid changed as a last gasp attempt to “fix” the problem. The transmission fails anyway, and the fluid change gets the blame.

Bottom line: Have the fluid changed, ensuring only the proper fluid is used. Nissan CVTs are very sensitive to fluid condition.


No, I believe that he is wrong.

+1, except that I would say that it is entirely an old wives’ tale.

Again, +1, and aside from doing nothing and hoping that the transmission magically cures itself…
What else would someone do if he intends to drive it for at least a few months?

The 2013 has the most complaints of all years on Nissan Rogue Problems |, and the transmission is the #1 trouble spot, no surprise I guess.

Here’s what a Nissan dealer site says: “They extended the original manufacturer’s warranty from five years or 60,000 miles up to seven years or 84,000 miles.” So it looks like a 2013 wouldn’t be covered now, even by the extended warranty

Yes, I know there is no “shifting into 2nd” which is why I put it in quotes.

After I realized this was a CVT I realized I shouldn’t be feeling that shift at all.

I’m reading all sort of things.

CVT’s are sealed and don’t need to be serviced unless the oil is tested to be bad blah blah blah. :frowning:

I’ve read multiple sites stating 10 years and 120k miles.

Why don’t you phone Nissan’s corporate customer service folks, and ask them?
The toll-free phone number can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

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I haven’t found that. Here’s another site consistent with my earlier post, but it is for 2014+ cars:
Nissan CVT Lawsuit Settlement Reached |

I did find that 10yr/120k extension for Nissans 2010 and older, which doesn’t apply to you.

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Good idea but it looks like I wouldn’t fall under that as Taxases states below… I was mistaken and mixed up the older models with the one I have.

And also, previous owner must have tossed the manual. :confused:

You can download a manual here
All Nissan Owners Vehicle Manuals & Guides | Nissan USA

Thanks, I was meaning to do that!

Take it from the prior owner of 3 Nissans with CVT.

#1. Nissan take on CVT is a history of neverending disaster, and 2013 was their Gen-3 introduction if I recall correctly - so it’s even worse than usual for them

#2. Fluid change helps… for a while… then slippage returns is 15-20 thousand miles

#3. Use original Nissan or Idemitsu fluid only

#4. Get that vehicle traded once you have a chance or face $4000+ bill to swap CVT to re-manufactured unit down the road