2018 Nissan Rogue recalls

any recalls or problems with the rogue

Check here:


Unlike the Subaru Forester (oil consumption) and Hyundai Tucson (DCT Transmission issues) the Rogue does not have any widely discussed gremlins.

Aren’t there ongoing “issues” with all of Nissan’s CVTs?

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No, I don’t think so. There certainly were some early on (and Nissan went first), but my reading on that subject leads me to believe they are now well within the normal range for transmission quality. There are a percentage of people who report not liking CVTs. Which is a shame, because over time they feel great. Then shifts feel silly when you hop back into a vehicle with a geared trans.

The most recent “car issue” of Consumer Reports has a very brief discussion of CVTs, and noted that some mfrs “do them well” (they give the example of Subaru), and some of them “don’t do them well”, with Nissan as the example.

I looked at the complaints section of safercar.gov and chose the 2015 Rogue to look at. 7 of 118 complaints were for the CVT.