2013 Porsche Cayenne - dealer won’t change shift points back

My vehicle was subject to a recall, I agreed to having the modifications done. One of them was to change the shift points . This is very annoying and I would like to have them changed back, but the dealer will not do it.
If I have an independent mechanic do this for me will the dealer know if I take it back for warranty work ?

First, what warranty? Your Cayenne had a 5yr./50k warranty and it’s probably expired. If it were certified pre owned the warranty was 2yr./unlimited. Second, an unauthorized aftermarket modification such as you’re contemplating will probably void any warranty you might have.

The dealer can’t do it. Once the software in the transmission controller has been updated it can’t be changed back to the previous software version.

You might find someone to modify the TCM but it won’t be a new car dealer.

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I see there’s a recall to fix the shift lever, not shift points:

I wouldn’t be surprised if other things, like the shift points, got updated.

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