Will not shift into first

I have a 2002 Porsche Carrera Cab with a six speed manual transmission that occasionally will not shift into first gear when stopped at a light. It happens rarely, maybe once in 50 or more starts, but when it happens it absolutely will not go into gear. Does not seem to matter if hot or cold. If the car moves slightly, it will then go into first. I normally start in second when this happens or get the car rolling slightly in second and then it goes into first with no problem. The dealer said they could not reproduce it which is not suprising since it happens rarely. I first noticed it shortly after I bought the car about two years ago while it was still under warranty. I have an extended warranty now and I am concerned that this is a developing problem that will be a major repair bill when my warranty expires. Regardless, it is annoying because I normally put the car into neutral at a light and it gives me a minor panic attack when it will not go into first and traffic starts rolling. The car has about 24,000 miles on it. Any ideas?

I would suspect it is a slight linkage adjustment.

You should read that “warranty” (really an insurance policy) and see if it covers a problem that was reported but not fixed prior the the expiration date.

I would also check to see where else I might take it for covered work. Another dealer mechanic might be able to find the problem.

I agree. I’d have some check the shift linkage.

I’d also wonder if the clutch might not be disengaging fully.

If you pump the clutch a few times does the transmission shift into first more easily?

Thanks, the dealer said that they could open up the transmission, but if they did not find anything I would be stuck with a large bill. I believe my current extended warranty will cover the cost as long as it is not a normal wear and tear item. Regardless, I would like to get the problem fixed as it drives me nuts. My wife said that it never happened to her, but apparently she never takes the car out of gear at a light and keeps her foot on the clutch. I’ll check with a local Porsche shop and see what they think with respect to the linkage. Thanks

Pumping the clutch has no affect and it easily slips into any other gear. If I am on a slight incline and can roll the car at all in neutral it will then easily go into first.