2012 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid - 3rd Time

We’ve had this hybrid since about 6,000 miles. It was a certified preowned cayenne. After about 60k miles the entire hybrid system needed replacing. At around 110K the entire coolant system, the battery replaced. Now the car stopped driving in the middle of the road and I’m told by Porsche it’s the hybrid system needs replacing $13K. The car has 130k miles and the hybrid needs replacing AGAIN! Now on my dime. This car is beautiful runs great when it runs but the ridiculous mechanical issues that have occurred I’ve never e experienced in cars I’ve owned from Mercedes to Toyota’s, Lexus or fords. We’ve own plenty of cars and NEVER had them break down with such severe issues. Any suggestions? Porsche corporate doesn’t believe an implied warranty should apply.

Since Porsche doesn’t believe there is an implied warranty, and you believe there is, and since that is a legal question,perhaps you should consult a lawyer. I just showed your post to my wife, who is a lawyer, and her preliminary opinion is that you’re up sh*ts creek, although she put it more politely.

German luxury SUV Hybrid. About as simple as the space shuttle and just about as expensive to repair. Porsche is not going to warranty anything with this many miles.

Take the lesson of this experience. Hybrids are more complicated than regular vehicles. Porsches are expensive to buy AND expensive to maintain. Put the two together and you have a cash drain of epic proportions.

Time to trade, sell, or scrap. Sorry, but that is reality.