96 Nisson Quest A/C repair


I have had two service centers examine the A/C system on the 96 Nisson Quest. The two service centers have come up with different Problems. One says the Compressor, Accumulator, Liquid line, etc and the other says Accumulator & Hose Assm, A.C Mainfold hose set, etc… they both say recharge systems & Flush. Who or what is correct ?


Without being able to see the vehicle, there is no way to tell which is correct. The major difference seems to be the compressor, which is quite expensive to replace. Hoses and fittings are not nearly as expensive. I would not pay to replace a compressor unless there were some verifiable evidence that it was necessary.


I don’t know what you mean by “service centers,” but I suggest you locate a shop in your area that specializes in automotive AC. They are the experts, and can correctly diagnose and repair automotive AC systems. Lots of places work on AC as a side line, but few specialize. Find a specialist.


One shop was a Bridgestone/Firestone show and the other a long established local Auto Service Center. Both shops have ASE certifed techs.


I’d go to the long established local shop, which is what I choose for my vehicles.

Tire places are for TIRES, not AC repair.