2013 Nissan Frontier - when to change coolant belt, etc?

I have a 2013 Nissan Frontier SV 2WD with approximately 42k miles. It runs great, no problems, is well maintained and garaged. At what point should I worry about coolant hoses, coolant, belts, fuel filter getting old and unreliable? None of these things have been changed.

Worry about that in, oh, 2023 or so. Rubber used in these parts has gotten far, far better over the last 50 years. I changed the hoses in a 15 year car 7 years ago for the same reason. The hoses were pliable, soft but not too soft. I wasted my time and money.

I currently have a 16 year old truck with 140K on the odo. The belts and tensioner pulleys were replaced at about 90K miles because of noise. The belts are looking a bit rough right now but the original OEM 16 year old hoses look and feel great.

What does the manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule have to say about coolant changes?
More than likely, it will state “every 10 years”… or so… but the manufacturer’s advice should be followed, rather than advice from any of us.

Thank you for your help! Just saved me a ton of money and time!