2013 Nissan Altima back window

My Altima is a coupe. I was sitting in it waiting for a friend in a parking lot and the back window shattered for no apparent reason. I jumped out quickly thinking somebody threw a rock or something but nobody was around. Has anybody else had this problem?? The insurance covered it but the glass they replaced it with was not tinted like the original glass was. Insurance said no factory tint just a “green” glass. Then why didn’t I get the “green” glass replacement?? NOT HAPPY!!!

Seen that a couple times.

Once to my parents 65 Chrysler 300, and to a co-workers Taurus.

I was sitting in the Chrysler when it happened. Scared the hell out of me.

It happened to the Taurus when the co-worker slammed the door shut and the back window blew out.


No one here will be able to tell you " why didn’t I get the “green” glass replacement??"

Call the company that put in the new glass and ask them!!!