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2013 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Parking brakes

I’ve got a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic in the shop for a rear wheel bearing that has been making a little noise.

To remove the wheel bearing I had to remove the parking brake shoes.
The installation looks pretty straight forward, but a clip fell out as I was removing the shoes and I cannot find any info on where this clip goes.

I hate to have to pull the other wheel, caliper, caliper bracket, and rotor just to try to see it on the other side.

I only found one picture of this clip in a Mitchell book, but it does not show where it is positioned.

The clip can be found here. It is one of the two clips shown …bottom far right.


I’m unable to find anything on it, but perhaps the MB parts guy can offer an exploded view drawing that might help.

Thanks @the_same_mountainbik for trying. My next thought was either that or stopping by another shop that I know of that has “Alldata” and they might be able to help. My closest MB dealer is an hour drive.

The book at the library was from 2002 and it looks as thought everything is the same. It just doesn’t show in detail where this clip goes.


@db4690 might know. I’d guess it had something to do w/holding or positioning the parking brake cable.

That does seem to be where it fell from. I cant find any spot that looks like the clip was from. No shiny spot from friction…no notch it would fit into. I might just be taking the other side off in the morning. Maybe its just a spacer to keep the actuator a specific distance from the baking plate. If it slipped over the protruding cable that may make sense.

Maybe Db 4690 will come on in the morning.


Might be a clip that snaps on the end of the pin that holds a parking brake shoe to the backing plate. Can those pins be pulled from the back of the plate using needle-nosed pliers? If a pin pulls out, there’s your problem.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help on this.

I had to dismantle the other side and use my inspection camera. I watched a half dozen videos, but no one showed using these clips. This may be used only on the newer models.

If you look at this exploded view it will show the parts involved. After all the springs are mounted this clip is slid between the “actuator” and the “return spring” that holds the two shoes together. The clip has a step built into it and the clip will snap in place and lock onto the spring. It will also bottom out against the backing plate.

I presume that it’s main focus is keeping the actuator snug and avoid it rattling around.

The clip is listed as part #200 and the actuator is part # 190.'ve+got+a+2013+Mercedes-Benz+C300+brakes&rlz=1C2GGGE_enUS532US598&biw=1600&bih=775&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiB9e-q0uHOAhXFrB4KHSiaDNkQ_AUICCgD&dpr=1#tbm=isch&q=I've+got+a+2013+Mercedes-Benz+C300+parking+brake&imgdii=A8F7xK63QLiXCM%3A%3BA8F7xK63QLiXCM%3A%3B1S4OS-7NYD5UlM%3A&imgrc=A8F7xK63QLiXCM%3A

This video is the bast for doing this job.

At 7:00 into the video you can see this spring being installed over the actuator.

Hope this helps someone else.