1990 Chrysler Voyager 14" wheels K+H calipers (front)

Anti rattle clip intallation. Can’t figure out the proper positioning of these anti rattle clips.Need Pic or diagramm

It’s been quite a while since I owned one of these, but I seem to remember the clip going over the lower part of the caliper bracket. Can you post a picture of the caliper area and the clip?

BTW, this is why I always take apart only one side at a time when I do brakes. That way, I have the other side to look at in case I run into trouble like this.

When I bought the van it had only one clip in position So I had no referance. My chiltons book shows the caliper (K+H), but no pics of the anti rattle clips in place or mentions their installation method. Can some one scan in a diagram for me? I’m stationed overseas and mostly work on it myself when it breaks down.It would cost over a 100$ here just to have the dealer look at it and more to install. Thanks for your support.

Going once

Does the hardware look like this?

I get an error message when I click that link,perhaps save as and attach?
Thanks for trying

I’m still in the dark on this one. Can anyone help?

Okay, the position of the anti-rattle clips depends on whether you have single- or double-pin calipers (Kelsey-Hayes calipers can be of either type). On single-pin calipers, the clips attach to the tops of the inner and outer pads. On double-pin calipers, they attach to the top of the caliper mounting bracket. Hope that helps.

I have Single pin calipers on this van. I thankyou so much for the info!! At least there is one outer pin attached , I hope the inner attaches in the same manner . If any one out there would like to add anything on this subject please feel free.