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2013 Lincoln MKZ pulls to the left

I have 2013 lINCOLN MKZ since last march 2017 it been working fine for a few month i had took it the shop for water leak, they said my water pump was bad, got a new one and the problem is gone until today, so now i have a new problem which, when i am driving the car it is pulling to the left my mechanic guy told me i had a bad wheel bearing in front which was causing the noise and alignment problem so i had buy a two new wheel hub and replaced and alignment was done too but the car is still pulling to the left while i’m driving also it create a little shake so need help what that could be i still did not take to the dealership yet because they are so expensive and they will find thousands of defect but i one get some idea before i go to the dealer it’s so stressful, somebody please give me an idea i love this car and its my first lease so i don’t wanna tread it thank you

Try swaping tire’s from front to back.

Your run on post is hard to read without punctuation but this is 2018 and you still have a 2013 on lease?