Pulling to left

i put this question up yesterday and got a few responses,i bought a 200 linc town car a few months back-it has always pulled to the left,never been in an accidentnso i had a front end alignment and still slightly pulled but after about a week we were back to square one,i had ball joints ,shocks , stabilizer bar,tie rods ,brakes and rotors all replaced,went for a 2nd alignment which made it ok for another few days so i brought it back to my mechanic and he found that the tie rod sleeve ws loose,he tightened it and the next day i had to come to kinda of a quick stop and heard a metal snap,now anytime i hit a small pothole or even a manhole cover the car goes whatever way it feels like ,left,right ,whatever way it wants-any suggestions???

Follow the advice you were given when you asked the question the first time :wink:

A tire bias can cause a pull. Try rotating the 2 front tires from side to side and see what happens.

What I would really be concerned with is the tie rod sleeve being loose and this metal snapping noise you mention. Just based on that statement this car should be driven very little and certainly not at any elevated speeds.

If the sleeve was left loose then one wonders what else was left the same way. This car really needs to be examined right this minute and possibly by someone other than the person who left the sleeve, or anything else, loose.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but am i to understand that the pulling problem referenced in your earlier post was resolved and you’re now dealing with the looseness when hitting a manhole cover?

Frankly, whether I’m correct or not, this vehicle should not be comsiderded safe to drive until it’s gone up on a rack and the origin of the “snap” is found and corrected. You could easily be on the verge of totally having a tierod or an A-frame fall free or something similar.

Please have this car towed to a reputable shop and repaired before driving it anywhere else.

Your frame/suspension is still bent from the previous owner’s accident.

Take it back to your mechanic or a front end specialist. Were all the repairs from mechanic 1 an attempt to fix that problem? If so go somewhere new, even a reputable dealer!