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Pulling to left

ok-i recently purchased a 2000 lincoln town car in almost mint shape except for 1 thing-ever since i got this car it pulls to the left-i have had 2 alignments done,new brakes and rotors,new ball joints,new stabilizer bar,new tie rods and rotated the tires and it still pulls badly,also now a new twist if it is wet or snow on the ground and i hit a small hole or pothole the car goes wherever it wants

it’s a little late now, but a title search might reveal a wreck in this car’s past. It could be that your frame isn’t straight. Be more specific when you say “goes wherever it wants.”

Has anyone checked out the rear brakes including the parking brakes to see if anything is dragging?

Has anyone checked this vehicle underneath for any signs of a prior accident?

When you brought it in to get it fixed, did you tell them the symptoms and ask them for a diagnosis or tell them what to change?

Lastly, have a friend follow you and see if the car is “crabbing”, which means going down the road at an angle. If it is, I’d get real suspicious of a possible prioor accident.

If the frame is bent, an alignment won’t do you any good. If it’s pulling badly, as you say, my bet is on a prior accident. Next time before you buy used, pay $30 for a Carfax report.

Crabbing? We always called it Dog tracking…common in older chevy trucks

another thing to try, lift the front end off of the ground by the frame or the whole car.start the car in neutral and see if the steering wheel turns to the left kind of by itself. try to rev the engine a little bit and check it that way also. see if you give the wheel a very slight turn to the left if it keeps turning [wheels still off of ground] if it does this either way then you probably have a bad steering gear box.

Up heah in New Hampsheah, by the seashoah, we calls it crabbin’. Evah seen a crab walk?