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2013 Kia Optima O2 sensor estimate too high?

Tnanns Kia says it will cost about 380 to replace my O2 sensor isn’t that a bit much? I recently spent 480 to replace my transmission sensor like 3 weeks ago why are all these sensors going out on my Kia? My car only has 80,000 miles.

Probably about the right cost. You can always shop around, you don’t have to use the Kia dealership. Stuff breaks, 80k is a bit early but stuff does just break.

The cost sound about right to me. O2 sensors go for around $50-100 a piece. Take an hour to install them and it comes up to around $350. I would ask Kia if they guarantee that this will fix your problem. Replacing the O2 sensors does not guarantee a fix if this is done in response of an engine error code.