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2013 Jeep Patriot transmission fluid light

My Patriot will randomly, after being on the highway for 45 minutes or so, have the Transmission Fluid Light come on. If I continue to drive it, the car will slow itself down to 30 miles per hour. When I take it to the dealer they can never find a code, even when I drove into the dealer’s lot with the light on (it went off between the time I jumped out of the car to run it and when the service guy went out with the reader). Help!!!

You must be referring to the transmission temperature warning light, this indicates that the transmission is overheating, the owners manual states that you should stop driving and allow the transmission to cool or risk damage to the transmission. There may be a problem with the transmission cooler, hopefully the transmission hasn’t been damaged by the overheating episodes.

This is from the owners manual;

This light indicates that the transmission fluid
temperature is running hot. This may occur
with severe usage, such as trailer towing. If this
light turns on, safely pull over and stop them
vehicle. Then, shift the transmission into NEUTRAL and
run the engine at idle or faster until the light turns off.

Continuous driving with the Transmission Temperature
Warning Light illuminated will eventually cause
severe transmission damage or transmission failure.