2013 Hyundai Santa Fe wheel well damage

I took my 2013 Hyundai into the dealership because there has been a thumping noise coming from the right rear of the car. I was told that I must have hit something because both front and rear wheel wells were damaged. I did not hit anything there is no damage to any part of the car. The wheel well covers I believe they said were shredding from some incident.

Did someone else drive the car? Just to be clear, you didn’t het a pot hole, correct?

I’m trying to figure out what the OP wants to ask.

If the wheel covers and wheel wells are damaged then you or someone else who drove the car hit something.

Failing that, maybe someone in another car raked it in a parking lot.

Are they talking about the wheel well plastic liners? Those can get damaged and cause noises. You might not notice the damage unless you can see them from below, preferably with the wheel removed. You could try a mirror and flashlight too. A rock could get thrown up during normal driving and crack one of them. I think those parts are to help protect the wheel wells from rusting. I have them on my Corolla, and that does seem to help prevent rusting. If one is cracked, shouldn’t be overly expensive to replace, provided a part is available.