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Wheel well cover

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla, due to severe ice build up this winter part my lower front fender cracked and broke into 2 pieces. One of the pieces got caught while driving the car and managed to pull half of the drivers side wheel well off. The wheel well is no longer a half circle but a quarter circle. Do I need to look into replacing the wheel well cover or is it just cosmetic damage? The front fender that holds my license plate is intake and unharmed at this time.

I would look around at some salvage yards and get a replacement inner fender. It’s mostly cosmetic but it does keep road debris from collecting on the fender and may keep rust from starting too early. I’d replace it.

I second Missleman’s comments, except that I’d put more emphasis on the rust prevention.
There are also endless aftermarket suppoers for this sort of part, and these wheelwell liners aren’t expensive. Google is your friend.

You can probably get new aftermarket part for this pretty reasonable…around $50 or so.

Definitely replace it. On a lot of cars, that fender liner is the only thing between road gunk and the door hinge. Your door will start creaking and being harder to open if enough crap gets tossed up in there.

I’d replace it. I wouldn’t want the exposed area behind it to get blasted with debris over time.

I agree with the rest, replace it. Fender liners on many cars also help protect engine components from water and road debris.