Push button start not engaging bendix. Starter replaced need HELP

have a Hyundai sonata limited 2015. Buy at 20,000 MI. Never an issue with my push button start until about 80k. Sometimes would need to hit my start button a couple times to get it to start. It always would start eventually so never made a big deal about it. Overtime it was taking two, three, four, up to 10 times of pressing the push button to get it to start. All electronics would engage and sometimes you would hear the starter whine but not engage the motor then the next press or maybe the next four presses it would start up car would run fine. Finally in October when I hit 110,000 miles in my warranty was void the car decided to not start anymore. Had starter battery and flywheel and transmission replaced. Nothing was wrong with my transmission but I was told by the mechanic that the transmission the flywheel was attached to had 50,000 miles on it and might as well put in the newer transmission as it would be just as much work as changing out just the flywheel. Left the mechanic still having the same problem. Just $1,500 lighter.
Fast forward 4 months to being told that the mechanic probably didn’t do the work he claimed he did. As I was still having the same issue and sometimes it would take up to 10 presses to get the car to start sometimes would start on first press. Those first press starts we’re getting fewer and farther between. Finally Friday morning car wouldn’t start and I had the starter replaced again. Now I press the button the starter engages I hear it whine but the Bendix I believe is not coming out because I don’t hear the engine trying to turn at all. The first mechanic did say that he believed it was bendix issue also. How could three starters all have the same Bendix issue? Is there an electrical circuit that engages the Bendix as opposed to the starter? I’ve read about other people having this issue in cold weather I live in New England so the weather is cold here but I’ve had this issue in cold and warm weather at this point. Don’t have more money to just have mechanics keep guessing and throwing in the car and I can’t even begin to think about affording dealer rates unfortunately. I’m a single mom with three kids who can barely make my car payment never mind huge mechanic bills. I know I’ll have to fix whatever is wrong I just am hoping that someone will be able to figure out what’s wrong instead of everyone keep guessing in the dark or replacing same parts.
I want to thank everybody in advance for reading this and taking their time to respond.

You have NO BENDIX. Cars have not used Bendix starter drives in years. I’ll let others with more experience than I have suggest what your problem actually may be.

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Just some thoughts… you might have 2 problems going on. the first one is…The issue has to do with a failure in the brake pedal sensor. Ideally, a driver is supposed to put their foot on the brake and push the button. Provided the Hyundai identifies a key fob in the vicinity (a pocket or purse), the car should start up with no problem. However, the sensor in the brake pedal appears to be defective. As a result, the car cannot comprehend that the driver has their foot on the pedal and the car will not start. there have been a lot of Hyundai’s having this brake pedal sensor problem.
The second could be with the starters themself if they are putting in rebuilt starters versus brand new. I have had problems putting in rebuilt starters that either did not work from the start or would engage correctly intermittently.

Have tried the brake pedal, shifter and all the other “hacks”. I have a remote starter through Hyundai that I pay for with the idea that it would bypass the issue if ot was something like that or with possibly the fob. Still has same issue. I sometimes have to send the signal to car multiple x’s and sometimes 1st time. The cars electronics turn on it and you can hear the starter motor trying to engage. And Im sorry I forgot to add the first starter was OEM. Second Im not sure about and I paid extra as I was told to be leary of the remanufactured ones so the third was brand new. My next try is the relay. Any thoughts?

I think the only place that might solve this is a dealer . You say funds are limited so if the remote starter has a fee drop it . If that remote starter is not factory then have it disconnected .

This forum and others get lots of posts about after market remote starters causing problems.

Hyundai remote start is done through the “Hyundai connected car app” and is activated by subscription.

Is the problem that you push the button, but youdon’t hear the rrr rrr rrr sound confirming the engine is cranking? Or you do hear the rrr rrr rrr sound, but it never catches and runs?

Yes it is called bluelink. Its $20 a month and I subscribed as a possible way to bypass this issue.

Unfortunately it varies I always hear the electronics work the power seat moves the car does its little system check on the dashboard and you hear the wine of what I believe is the starter trying to engage. Sometimes you get that and you hear this the motor trying to catch but it doesn’t and then some pushes it starts absolutely fine. Its absolutely maddening. Since the newest starter was put in when I hit the button all I hear is much louder than ever before the starter motor running and nothing happening I will take a video and try to upload it so it might help everyone make a diagnosis. I’ve tried everything from changing the battery to changing the battery in the he key fob. The flywheel was replaced and that I think was Overkill in the first place because there were no signs of wear on the Bendix teeth which would have shown where before the flywheel would show where because those are made to break before the flywheel teeth break. But we did it as a precaution because I think the mechanic just didn’t know what else to do at that point and knew he could get money out of me.

So I can be using the correct terminology what is the correct term for the arm that comes out of the starter to engage the flywheel. Every person I talk to has called it a bendix.

And please I’m not trying to be rude I just really want to know what to call it so I don’t look stupid or ill informed

It’s a solenoid, which pushes the pinion gear into the flywheel. It is driven rotationally by an overrunning clutch. By the way the 413 in your screen name is a very important number- it is the displacement in cubic inches of the best V8 that Chrysler Corp. ever built.

On modern cars that’s often called the starter gear. It doesn’t reside on an arm so much, more like a shaft. When you turn the key to “start” the shaft pokes out and engages the starter gear with the flywheel’s ring gear, which causes the crankshaft to rotate. For this type of starter design the starter solenoid (which is what pushes the shaft out using an electro-magnetic force) is part of the starter motor.

Some vehicles – mostly older Fords from the 60’s and 70’s – use a different type of starter design. The big difference is that the starter solenoid is not a part of the starter motor. Instead the solenoid is just a relay that is mounted in the engine compartment. So on this type there’s no electro-magnetic force to poke the shaft out. Instead it’s done mechanically. What happens is, when the starter solenoid clicks “on”, that allows current to flow from the battery to the starter motor. The starter motor then rotates (at this point not turning the engine), and this rotation turns a sort of spring-loaded screw-like arrangement (called the bendix). As the screw threads forward, this movement causes a shaft to poke out and engage the starter gear, which rotates the crankshaft. You can see what a bendix looks like by clicking the icon below.


The proper term is starter drive, Bendix is a trademarked name for a specific type of starter part.

Your 1973 Ford should have the magnetic pole shoe starter drive engagement type.


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I was the happy owner of one of those, in a 65 New Yorker. But…I think a later model 383 is a little “snappier” to drive, with the right carburetion.

The 70-72 Three Hundred is one of the most beautiful cars ever built.

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Was that the one with “fuselage” styling?

Yup, I’ve always been a fan of that body style.

It was beautiful, particularly on the 300 and Imperial

Ok this went another way fast🤣. Lol Thank you so for clarification my starter gear is not engaging the flywheel to start the car. I am.not thinking could it possibly be the wiring that was connected to the starter could that be faulty? Would that cause the starter motor to run but not engage the starter gear? Is this a item that can even easily be replaced? I’m definitely above water on this car so I could bring it to any dealer even in non running condition and getting a new car. But I honestly love my car and I really don’t want to do that if I don’t have to and to take such a huge hit on the value of the vehicle.