PCV Makeup Filter - 06 PT Cruiser



Ok, I have an 06 PT Cruiser, 4 cyl., 2.6 ltr., no turbo.

I just replaced the air filter and found the PCV makeup filter below it in the air filter box assembly. It’s about 2x4 inches with one wedge shaped side.

First, what does this thing do?

Second, how often does it need to replaced?

Third, how do you tell if it needs replacing?

It’s not mentioned in the manual, so I’m not sure.



If it’s a PCV filter or any other kind of filter, it should be replaced when the air filter is replaced.



The PCV valve, for positive crancase ventilation, is a simple pollution control device. It prevents hydrocarbon-laden gases in the crankcase from escaping to the atmosphere. They are sent to the intake airstream instead through the air filter box.

The PCV valve seldom needs replacing. It is generally good for the life of the car. If, however, you find oil in the air filter box, the culprit is usually an oil-clogged PCV valve.