2013 Honda CR-V - tire warning light

Put 38 psi in all tyres but warning light still on is it safe to drive?

Check owners manual. Some vehicles have a manual reset for the tire pressure warning. Some require driving a certain amount of miles at certain speed to reset.

I don’t know what pressures are specified for your vehicle, chances are 38 PSI is okay but may produce a harsher ride.

On the drivers door jamb there should be a plaque that lists the tire pressure you should have . I would almost bet it is not 38 PSI . A second motion to look in the owners manual for reset and if that does not work any good tire should be able to reset .

If your car has a spare tire, have you checked it’s air pressure?


Hi my 2009 crv tyre pressures are 30 psi all round unless you have a full load then 30 psi front and 35 psi rear.
As already mentioned check plate on drivers door

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38 seems high, as others have said check your door frame for the correct tire pressure. @It_s_Me said I would bet your spare is low