2013 Honda CR-V "ticks" after engine repair

My 2013 CR-V died on the highway due to a catastrophic engine failure. Techs found a small patch of rust inside a cylinder and replaced the engine block. No the car runs noisy and has a “tick” and sometimes vibration in the steering wheel. They insist it is A-OK which it is not. ANy idea how to remedy this or should I get rid of this car?

A sound clip would be helpful.

An engine tick could be valves out of adjustment - too big a gap and they tick, too small and they get burnt. Any time a head is removed from a block and reinstalled, it’s essential to check the valve adjustment.

A sometimes vibration in the steering wheel is probably caused by something else. Does it occur at certain speeds, or only while braking?

For the tick, I seem to remember that my CRV manual mentions that valve adjustment may be needed periodically. I understand it to be something you would know audibly. We haven’t had to do that yet, so I don’t have any direct experience, but it sounds like this engine is subject to this even when there’s not been engine work.
I can’t provide anything useful on the connection between steering wheel vibration and the engine work.