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2006 CRV Valve tick

I've got a 2006 CRV front wheel drive with 120,000 miles. In the past I've had a little problem with low gas mileage (22-24 mpg) but now it's back up to 27+ mpg....I chalk that up to poor fuel mixtures. In the last 5,000 miles it has developed a ticking valve. It is only for the first few minutes when I start up, then I don't hear it anymore. I've had a honda-certified mechanic tell me that he can do a valve adjustment that will take care of that valve tick but I've had another mechanic tell me that a valve adjustment won't help that situation at all. I've had a motor aficionado tell me that as long as the tick is going away after a few minutes and the performance is good that it's nothing to worry about.

I have done all the prescribed maintainence and change the oil about every 4500 miles.

I need some input on the seriousness of this situation and what I should do?


The valves on this Honda should be adjusted every 30,000 miles.
The owner’s manual may say something crazy like 105,000.
Forget that.

Try Going With The Certified Honda Mechanic And The Valve Adjustment.

It doesn't seem like a modern vehicle with a 120,000 miles should need a valve adjustment ( I don't do Hondas or Asian cars ), but others here have indicated that some Honda models and model-years need this, whether indicated by the manufacturer or not..

Does the car's maintenance schedule (included with owner's information) mention anything about valve lash adjustments at any mileage ?


Honda’s manual, the ones I have seen, says to listen for valve noise and if you hear some then do the adjustment. Very scientific IMO, but that is what they have left it too. I guess every time you go to the dealer for a oil change you can be offered the adjustment to the valves and the wallet as a package deal.

"listen for valve noise"

The tight valves are the ones that can cause expensive damage, yet make no sound.

The reason the dealers don’t push valve adjustment is because it’s somewhat time consuming and requires more skill than the 15 minute flush job.

I’ve owned four Hondas ('75 Civic, '81, '85, '88 Accords) and I found valve adjustment to be one of the most satisfying DIY maintenance jobs.

I will add that it seems that engines without rocker arms (cam directly over the valve stem) like my '06 Corollla/Matrix don’t need such frequent adjustments.
The manual says to check at 100k, but I plan to do at 50k.

Not the OP’s enigne exactly, but here’s interesting info.

Thought y’all would like an update. Finally took my car to the dealer Monday night so they could adjust the valves on a cold enjine first thing this morning. I was called at 2:30 pm to come pick it up…$320 later. Drove it to the house…went inside for 20 minutes…came out and the car won’t start. They’ve towed it in and I have a loaner. I’m kicking myself for ever “cracking the seal” on my engine…it was such a good car…

I wouldn’t get too wound up just yet. The current problem may not have anything to do with the valve lash inspection.

Valve lash should be inspected and adjusted as necessary every 30k miles at most.
Speaking as someone who has performed this procedure more times than I can remember I will say that more often than not one or more valves need to be adjusted.

The audible valve lash check is without a doubt one of the most ignorant factory recommendations I’ve ever heard.
A large committee of the finest mechanics on Earth cannot, in no way, determine if valve lash is where it should be with an audible inspection.

They may determine if an excessively loud tick exists that one or more may be out of specs as to looseness but the ones you don’t hear are the ones that take out cylinder head valves.

I adjusted the valves on my 1999 Civic EX 4 cyl. around 100,000 miles. There was no particular problem, but I found many of them were somewhat out of spec (as ok4450 notes), and the car ran quieter and I think a bit more smoothly when done. I probably replaced plugs at that time, too.

appwolf: Has the post-adjustment non-start been diagnosed and solved?