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2013 Honda Civic - tire inflation

My car has a tyre deflation icon on the dashboard. I have never inflated car tyres before and I am not sure what to do and what pressure. I cannot identify which tyres are low in pressure but the front ones do look a little low.

The correct pressure is usually on the jam of the drivers door. You need a tire gauge, the digital ones are usually easier for someone new to the process to use.

Then you need an air source. Many gas stations have coin operated ones. A few near me have free ones.

If you want your own air source , you can get cheap ones that plug into your 12v outlet in your car or better ones that plug into a home electrical outlet.

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Follow oldtimer_11 advice. After you inflate your tires the light might need resetting. The procedure to reset will be in your owners manual.

This is another case of why don’t people use the web for it’s best purpose , research . Putting how to air up tires in a search engine will bring up hundreds of videos showing how to do that.
Or in this case find a tire shop.

Despite your comments (volvov70), the previous two were most helpful. It is the sense of community that these website forums are invaluable for and they are the only other two I have received. It may seem a particularly dumb question, but if you haven’t done it before it is unfamiliar territory. The two helpful comments have helped guide me. I have now pumped up the tyres at a free automatic station, but the warning icon still remains. I will now try to find in the manual how to turn it off. The process of pumping was easy. I used 34 psi without seeing the guidelines on the inner driver’s door, as at the time I didn’t know that that was where it was located. I will review that again and find the right one for the car. Thanks for your helpful advice.

My comments stand . There are many videos that show how to use the self service air pumps and where to find the correct tire pressure . There also videos showing how to reset the Tire Pressure Warning Light. Learn to use them because some people like watching a video that shows how things are done. There is almost nothing that can’t be explained on You Tube anymore.

Without questions, even seemingly basic ones to people who frequent this forum, where would we all be right now?


The civic has to be manually reset. The menu walks you thru recalibration. Pretty easy

As a follow on to @Cavell’s comment, your owner’s manual probably tells you how to reset your tire pressure monitoring system. If you don’t have the manual, you can download it from Honda.

You may find 34 psi to create a slightly bumpier, harsher ride than you’d like. On my Corolla 30-32 psi is what works best for me. As mentioned above best to use the info posted on the door jam. Some cars spec different tire pressures fore and aft.

It’s a good question what a person would do if they couldn’t work the inflation gadget. Like if they had a disability. I’m guessing those folks just ask the station attendant to if they could fill the tires for them, which most attendant’s would gladly do. Another idea, one of my friends who isn’t diabled still can’t seem to work the tire inflation gadget so when they come to visit me one of the tasks is to take their car to the gas station and I inflate the tires myself. Happy to do it for them. Takes like 5 minutes, not a big chore.

If you have a discount tire in the area go there they will help you out

Barry , she found out how to air the tires 4 months ago. She also was going to look in the manual for the TPMS reset procedure.

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