2013 Hyundai Sonata - Steering locks up (just for a sec)

2013 Sonata @ 10,000 mi, Purchased from dad. Noticed immediately steering tended to momentarily lock (1sec). Was more noticeable in MN cold weather. Took to dealer and they made a computer adjmt to steering MOTOR? If it continues, motor needs to be replaced. It continues but Hyundai wouldn’t follow up on replacing???

Because that motor is out of warranty and any independent shop can replace it . Seeing as that seems to be the problem you should replace it before it completely fails. Also I suspect that the scheduled service might not be up to date either.

10,000 miles… Really ?

I doubt any potential 10 year / 100k powertrain warranty, if it exists, would cover this. This car is 6 years old, well out of most warranties.

The 10 year 100000 mile warranty applies only to the original owner and would be void if the engine ran out if oil. The subsequent owner only gets a 4 year 60000 powertrain warranty. In either care, you have to prove that all the oil changes were done on time also.

Does a 2013 Sonata use an electric motor for the power steering? If s, that might be the motor that needs replacement.

Yes, at least for the 2.4L , uses an electric motor assist. My guess is the diagnosis you were given is correct, and if the reprogramming hasn’t done the trick, the electric assist motor ass’y will have to be replaced. I don’t see any recalls or customer interest bulletins. Whatever the warranty language is that came w/the car new, that’s the language that applies.

Then I would suspect the Powertrain warranty would NOT cover peripheral items such as the electric motor.