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2013 Honda Accord Maintenance Interval

Good evening. I purchased a 2013 Honda Accord, 4 cyl. about 5 months ago. Great car! I am currently at 6,500 miles and not sure what to do about the first oil change. The dealer recommends a 5,000 mile service interval but also acknowledges that it is acceptable to keep driving until the maintenance minder reaches 15%. My minder is at 40% now and has been since 5,700 miles. My driving is a good bit of highway with some city, in a warm climate. The owners manual indicates that it is appropriate to wait until 15% to have the oil changed.

I check the oil regularly and the oil level is within spec. Also does not look very dirty.

Anyone with an older Honda who has followed the extended ranges recommended by the minder? Any problems? I hope to get high mileage out of this vehicle and want to care for it properly.

Thank you!