2013 Honda Accord fluid change intervals

How often should I change the brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant?

My car is 5 years old and has 22,000 miles.

Your manual has a service schedule in it.

I wish we could auto-reply when getting this question…

I would change more often than the manual suggests or use the “severe service” intervals in the manual.

I am pleased beyond belief that you asked about brake fluid - the most neglected fluid in the car.

Change brake fluid at least when you get any brake work or no more than 5 years and better to do every 3. Brake fluid is a time-sensitive thing, not mileage. Same for coolant. And 5 years is about right.

Transmission fluid is more a mileage than a time issue so you are good for a while. Maybe 30,000, I’d replace the filter and re-fill. It won’t change all the fluid but it is early enough to prevent any issues with moisture.