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2013 Ford Ranger vibrates during shift

Hi, I have a ford ranger that was an annoying vibration as the
transmission up changes through the lower gears (1-4th) The auto transmission seems a little slow to select the next gear
(slip) has any body else experienced this problem

Check the tranny fluid.It could be low or dirty.

Thanks, I will check the tranny oil condition , I would not expect a problem there . The cars only done 60,000 klm and has no oil leaks.

I have done some further research and have learned ,The tranny control module can get out of program and a transmission computer relearn procedure is required.

I have contacted my Ford dealer and they are aware of this procedure . Funny, I have contacted Ford on other occasions about this transmission problem but never got any possible causes, until I mentioned this procedure . Have booked the car in for a tranny check ,hope this solves my problem

I don’t see a 2013 Ford Ranger listed. Is it an F150?

Sorry Im talking cars for the Australian market, not sure you guys have rangers

WE have Ford Rangers here in the USA, but none new from 2013. That model of Ford truck is quite popular here, a smaller pickup truck is what many homeowners prefer, but it was discontinued at some point & hasn’t been sold here for a few years. I believe I read that the Ranger pickup may be coming back to the USA for 2020. On the 2013 F150 (a larger pickup) I’m seeing the AT range sensor was problematic and had a recall. I don’t see any known problem (at least from the tsbs) for the transmission control module. You symptoms could be consistent w/a problem with the lock-up function on the torque converter, which might by why you were told to suspect the trans control module. Problems with the lock-up function is a pretty common thing reported here, not just on Ford trucks, but on many makes and models. Ask your shop if it is possible to disable that function; if the symptoms go away you’ll have a big clue what the problem is. Best of luck.

In Australia your pickup trucks are known as utes, short for utility. We do have the bigger pickups that yous guys have but most utes are of the toyota hilux size

with 2ltr to 3.2 ltr diesel engines, 4x4 is a popular option