So do I believe the transmission shop

So my daughters boyfriends 2008 Ford Ranger truck was getting stuck in 4wd, shifting into 4wd by itself. He is borrowing my car, not a big issue, It has been 2 weeks at the shop, The say it needs a new module, and they cannot get one. Best info I have. Looking forward to your advice. Independent trans shop been around a while.

when fords loose vacuum on the 4 wheel drive it will automatically go into 4-wheel drive. a lot of times the hubs wont engage fully and you will get a grinding.
the ranger should have the same or close set up as the f-150

Ford F150 4X4 Diagnosis No Tools Required - YouTube

Thank you for that, what does a guy do next? Tell him to take it somewhere else? tell the mechanics what to do? Evidently the module is on backorder

hard to tell what’s wrong from here. it could be different things. it is there now so I would let them fix it. you said they have been there for a while, and I am sure they warranty their work. you mention that it went into 4-wheel drive by itself so I was giving you one reason why it might do it. good luck

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Can it be driven with the hubs locked but still set to 2 wheel drive? Just disconnect the vacuum to make the hubs stay engaged until the replacement parts can be obtained.

I will give them a call and see about more info, we have a good ford dealership I have dealt with before, and thinking that might be the go to place.

2008 Rangers don’t use vacuum for the 4x4.

The control module is a common failure.

RockAuto shows they have the Motorcraft control module $135.00

There’s no way to unlock the hubs on a 2008 Ranger, they’re always engaged.

The problem he’s having is the control module keeps shifting the electric shift transfer case into 4x4 even while he has 2 wd selected.

Pulling fuse 28 in the in cab fuse box should deactivate it.


thanks for the correction. I did not know the ranger was different.

@Barkydog, maybe your daughter’s friend could suggest buying the unit on line since it’s back ordered. Another possibility is to find a surplus unit. I think I’d try the on line new one myself since the price isn’t too bad.

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I guess I will see how it plays out, we all know the won’t warranty customer supplied parts.

The transfer case control module comes with a 24 month/unlimited mile warranty.

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