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2013 Ford Fusion has had lots of problems

Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the Ford corporate folks to do this for you?
I would suggest that you throw the problem into their lap.

In my opinion, they should send a tow truck or a flat-bed auto transporter to your home and they should be responsible for transporting it to a dealership that can repair your car.
Is this possible?
I don’t know, but if I was in your situation, I would politely suggest that course of action to the corporate folks at Ford customer service.

The warranty is 7 years or 70000 miles whichever comes first. You passed 7 years over a year ago. Ford owes you nothing.

The OP claims that this warranty began when he bought his already 3 year old car.
While I am also a bit skeptical, to paraphrase His Holiness, Pope Francis…
Who am I to judge?

To clarify… I also have a hard time believing that Ford provided a 7 year warranty on a vehicle that was 3 years old at the time of sale, but I think we owe the OP the benefit of the doubt with his claim.

I agree wholeheartedly. I am curious, however, why when people are faced with a time or mileage limit or requirement, they have such difficultly understanding it? We see that so often in questions regarding oil change frequency. Are our education systems so inadequate now? This is not such a complex concept.

Yes !!..

Maybe, maybe not. It might depend on where you are. I think my county school system does a very good job. All three of my children got a good education and are valuable contributors. Many others think the schools are good too. Home values are high because parents want to move here, even from overseas. If you mention my town’s name in South Korea, the will know it because many want to send their children to grade school here.

Possibility it was not a factory warranty since it was bought used.

I think the OP really needs to rehash his paperwork with a fine tooth comb. I doubt very seriously he was given a 7/70 warranty on the day he bought that vehicle. Factory warranties start on the in-service date which on a 2013 model could have been in the summer or fall of 2012.
The Ford dealer has all that info on their OASIS system.

My view of class action lawsuits is not very high and asking for the car to be replaced because you are an 80 year old senior vet is really grasping. None of that is a qualification; as is considering this “senior abuse”.
And since you have sued them before I doubt very seriously they have any “respect” for you in spite of what you think. Cordiality is not respect.

Just wondering how long before TV ads will start popping up looking for people wanting to sue over Covid vaccines.

The OP stated that he is 80 years old.

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80 yrs old does not mean he was educated well in 1960. Plus, there was much less history back then.

Good point

It is a very popular notion to blame “modern schools” for real or imagined shortcomings, but the reality of the situation is that there have always been some students who failed to take advantage of the education that was being offered to them.

Pre-pandemic, I used to go to some local antiques and collectibles stores to browse certain items, particularly old picture postcards that had been sent to people who then saved them. I would estimate at least 20% of the postcards from the late 19th Century to the mid-20th Century revealed serious shortcomings in literacy, based on the misspellings and bad grammar displayed on them.

Those old postcards were essentially a time capsule revealing the results of poor education (or, at least deficient learning…) in “the Good Old Days”.

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