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2014 Ford Fusion - Problems with transmission?

I purchased the car about 3 months ago, 2 weeks ago it began reeving improperly. The pick up was completely gone and it was not able to escalate in speed for a while each time I stopped. It gave a message saying to pull over and turn the car off for 5 minuets due to transmission getting hot. I did so, restarted the car and drove for 5 minutes then had to pull over for 5 minutes. It took me two hours to get to work which normally takes 30-40 minutes the most. Has anyone experience anything similar and if so what was the end result? Thanking you in advance. Rennie

Your car went into limp mode (hence the lost power and speed limitation) because of the Transmission overheating. You need to have your car towed to your mechanic’s shop for diagnosis and repair.