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2013 Ford Fusion Electric Parking Brake Alarms

I get the Release Park Brake as soon as I turn on the ignition. If I release it, it actually locks up the EPB. I have to shut off the car to reset it. So I’m driving around with the brake light flashing and the beeper beeping for a few weeks now. I never use the EPB. I had a full rear brake job done by AAA a week before this started happening. They rechecked the rear calipers and found them OK.
The error code B1111-54 says the EPB is missing calibration. AAA tried to reprogram the ABS module but it’s not taking. I took it to the Ford Dealer and they replaced the left actuator which didn’t solve the problem. Then said the left caliper was bad and sent me back to AAA. I found another Ford Document that seems to say if you have this error code to replace the ABS module.
Any knowledge or thoughts on this issue will be appreciated.