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Emergency Brake Repair destroyed front brakes?

Hi All,

I had my emergency brake repaired last week. The pedal was loose from the cables, which snapped

The next day, the car was making a completely new noise, especially when braking, so we took at back in (after a 100 mile trip that day when we realized the issue). The conclusion was that the caliper was seizing and not releasing and this damaged the rotor and brake pad, needing $900 worth of repairs. They said they don’t suspect this was related to the emergency brake fix because that emergency brake works with the rear brakes, and the brake issue was for the front.

Regardless, I can’t help but wonder if they did something during the inspection or repair of the emergency brake. I’d appreciate any thoughts on what might have happened, or anything to back up the mechanic’s conclusion for peace of mind.



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What they told you was correct, in that the e-brake utilizes only the rear brakes, but what they may have failed to mention is that the e-brake is operated mechanically, while the calipers on your brakes are a part a separate hydraulic system.

I don’t blame you for being a bit suspicious about this coincidence, but I believe that it is–in fact–merely a coincidence.


I agree with VDC’s conclusion.

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Yeah agree. No relationship except a coincidence which do happen and makes us all curious especially when you can’t watch what the shop is doing anymore.

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I agree this is a coincidence.

Just an FYI, but some cars including older Subarus and SAABs use the front calipers as a park brake mechanism.

Thanks all. Definitely helps to feel better in going forward with the repair!