Brand new transmission needs a flush?

I own a 2013 Ford Focus. I got a brand new transmission via warranty probably 3 years ago. I went to ford and told me I need a transmission flush. My mileage is 89,650. What should I do ?

Was a brand new transmission or used/rebuilt put in? If it was used then I would not be surprised that a change of fluid might be in order. If this is a requirement to keep your warranty valid you are stuck doing it. But if it was brand new this seems odd. Find a local independent mechanic and take it to them for their opinion.

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They’re probably basing that on car mileage (instead of mileage on transmission). Clarify the manufacturer recommended transmission fluid change interval.

I’d do it.

These transmissions appear to have seal problems.

And when there are seal problems, it’s usually related to the condition of the transmission fluid.


After 3 years it’s due. I’m also curious as to why the original transmission in a near new car died in the first place…

There were a lot of transmission problems when Ford rolled out the 3rd gen Focus in 2011

At 3 years and presuming around 30K miles on the replaced transmission, good idea to give it a proper service.

One caution: Some manufactures – not sure if Ford is included is the list – recommend against transmission flushes. They say the preferred method is to drop the pan, drain the old fluid out, clean the bottom of the pan checking for metal debris, replace the filter, and refill with fresh fluid. Using a flushing machine to replace the fluid as the final step may be ok, after a pan drop and filter replacement has been done.

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I don’t think you will find a pan to remove on a dual clutch automatic transmission. This should only need a drain and fill, there isn’t a torque converter to flush.

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I would follow the advice from Ford. At one time I owned a 2000 Ford Windstar that I purchased new. The severe service schedule called for a 30,000 mile transmission fluid change. The normal service interval between transmission servicing was much longer. When I took the Windstar in for its 30,000 mile service, the dealer changed the transmission fluid. I didn’t think I subjected the van to severe service, and when I picked up the van, I didn’t read through all that had been done. The dealer was a small town agency that I trusted. I did find out on the internet that the Windstar cans of that vintage did have transmission issues and Ford later specified a transmission fluid change for all types of service at 30,000. The dealer was looking out for my best interest. I would probably still be a customer at that dealer but I need a minivan and Ford dropped minivans until recently.

A three year old transmission is not “brand new.” Do the maintenance.