Spring for a new transmission or not

good morning. my boyfriend has a 2002 mountaineer w/100k miles. recently had a new hub bearing replaced (the other one will be done as soon as the money flows better). problem now is, the transmission seems to be slipping. the body shop boys, said a new one will carry a warranty of 300k miles. he’s kept up w/the maintenance on it, ie: fluids, checkups etc. is it wise to spring for a new trans? or should we get rid of “chica” (he named her, its a latino thing, don’t ask me). as i am his ‘financial advisor’ (again, dont ask) i need to know what i’m in for

300k mile warranty? I really doubt that. Have them put it writing. I also don’t get how replacing a hub bearing would be considered expensive, but replacing the transmission somehow will not.

Anyway if you suspect the transmission is on the way out. Take the vehicle to reputable independent transmission shop (re: not Aamco), and have them take a look at it.

A lot depends on how well everything else on the vehicle has been maintained. If it has not been maintained excellently, I personally would not invest the large amount of money necessary for a new transmission.

However, a body repairman is not really qualified to evaluate a transmission, so in reality, it may not need a new transmission. Would you ask your Dermatologist to diagnose cardiac problems? Hopefully not. And, if those guys at the body shop really told you that a new transmission would be warrantied for 300k, please find out what they are smoking!

I suggest taking it to a well-reputed independent transmission shop (NOT a chain operation) for an evaluation.

And–What is the vehicle’s maintenance history?

the vehicle has been maintained – we took it back to the car dealership that we purchased it at – they have been in business for over 35yrs. – sorry for the confusion re: ‘body repairman’ – do i believe those guys? they’ve not steered us wrong since we bought it there used, about 2yrs ago.

They may wind up being correct about the need for a new transmission, but their statement about a 300k mile warranty on the transmission is BOGUS.

thanks for responding. so i guess it would be cheaper to get a new trans then think about another vehicle.? whenever you buy a used one, any sort of other ‘headache’ can come w/it. & theres no way i can imagine gettin something that size for less than the cost of a new trans. (i’m not car savvy at all, neither is he)… just want to make sure the money isn’t flyin out the window. i will double check the 300k warranty thing. what is the normal warrantys that come w/a new trans?

I think that 12 months/12,000 miles (whichever comes first) would be fairly typical warranty coverage.

Just be sure to go to an independent transmission shop that has been in business for at least 3 years. DO NOT go to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain unless you want to be overcharged for substandard repair work. These chains are also notorious for telling you that you need a new or overhauled transmission when only a relatively minor electronic component might need to be replaced.

so going back to the dealer (who is reputable in that respect) is not a good place to get the new trans? looked in the phone book, all i could find were those chain places…

The dealer is likely to just take the vehicle to AAMCO, and then charge you a few hundred $$ extra markup for the dealership.

Keep searching. There are independent transmission shops out there. You may have to drive 30 miles or so to get to one, but it is well worth the trip.

Factory rebuilds or some aftermarket carry 3yr/36,000 mile warranty’s for most transaxles. It is all just an insurance policy carried on top and built into the price.

These transmissions are finicky about fluid changes, which should be done every 30k miles.

Change the trans fluid/filter and this means actually dropping the pan; none of that flush only routine. See if that helps it.

Any claims about maintenance should always be taken with a grain of salt (or two) no matter if an individual or a dealer is selling the car.
If they claim that’s it been maintained then cough up the service records to prove it.

(Note. At one time Ford vehicles were getting what was apparently an incompatible batch of transmission fluid from their supplier. This was allegedly remedied by the suppliers under a “self-policing, take our word for it” promise. Maybe your vehicle has some of that incompatible fluid in it.)

really? they would take it to a chain place? do you think they would tell me honestly if THEY were actually doing the work if i asked them?

Probably not, simply because then you could take the car to the same place and the dealership would lose their kickback.

we did indeed, ask the dealership if they were doing the work themselves & they said yes. now all we have to do is decide if its worth the money. from what i researched, if the rest of the vehicle is in good shape, w/a new trans, it should (mite?) last another 50 or 100k miles.

Ford remanufactured transmissions have are covered for 36 months or 100,000 miles. I have never seen better coverage than that. If you don’t know of a very well reputed trans shop nearby. That is what I would do.