2013 Ford F-150 - Infotainment gone wrong

Beside all of the listed brake and rotor issues, the instrument cluster shows only lines where data should be. The speedometer stays on 0. The truck will run and drive but the turn signal will stay on until manually disengaged. An orange wrench will appear where the cluster normally does. I push the reset on the steering wheel, the wrench goes away but, there is no data. Other times the engine RPM will increase but the truck will not progress, as though the transmission is slipping. Usuall I can turn of the ignition, remove the key, open the door then close the door and restart the truck. So far, that has worked to reset things. This issue began with the radio (SONY Sound System) not working, but has progressed. Any similar experiences?

your Powertrain Control Module could be bad.

Ford F-150: How to Replace Powertrain Control Module | Ford-trucks

The wrench symbol means there’s a problem, as weekend-warrior said, usually with the powertrain control module. It isn’t going to get better by itself, you need to take the truck to a dealer or a good independent shop.

Is that Sony system an aftermarket unit? It might be contributing to your problems.
You really need to pay the diagnostic fee and get the problem corrected.

Are you aware you did not list any brake and rotor problems? I have a 2013 F150, 4X4, no issues with brakes, even with mountain driving.

Have you owned this truck since it was new? If not, is there any chance that it was in a flood?

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