2013 Ford Escape oil level twice as high as normal

I just purchase a Ford Escape 2013 and already notice that the oil level is twice as high from normal but no smell of Anti-freeze or foame on the stick.I wondering what could be the problem.

Between the 2 times you checked the level did you do anything about it…like remove some oil?

Since you just bought the vehicle, it would be a good idea to change the oil/filter so you have a new reference point for oil/filter maintenance.service.

Then in the mean time, watch the oil level


If you just bought it, my first guess would be that the previous owner over-filled the oil.

I’d check all* fluids for level, condition, and correct fluid.

If the vehicle recently had its oil changed, there is a very real possibility that whoever did the service drained the transmission instead of the engine’s crankcase. Then, by adding oil to the already-filled crankcase, you wind up with twice as much oil as there should be. However, that is just half of a MAJOR problem. The other half is a transmission that is dangerously low on fluid.

Check all of your fluids IMMEDIATELY, and don’t drive it if the transmission dipstick shows no fluid.

Reginald53, how do you know it’s twice the oil level? On most dip sticks the distance from low to full is about a quart. It’d have to be > 4 inches higher than full to be double right?

Some places will routinely overfill oil slightly but it’s not really a problem for most cars.