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2013 Ford Escape - dipstick shows level above fill line

After servicing I noticed the dipstick showed approximately 1/2" above the full line. Any idea how much oil this represents and do I believe the tech that all is well or should I allow the dealership to change the oil again and correct their mistake? Thank You

Not a problem , just drive on.

Most oil dip sticks use about an inch for the full/low levels.


About a half a quart extra.

Nothing to worry about.


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Thank you for your reply. Admittedly a little picky but may be carrying this is little too far.


Check it again in a few days. You’ll get the most accurate measurement if you check in the morning before the first start of the day, cold engine, after the car has been left unused overnight. Car should be parked on close to a level surface. I expect if you check it that way it won’t be quite so high on the stick. I’ll add that I do my own oil changes, and if the dipstick shows 1/2" over I’ll just drain some oil out to bring it to the top mark. Not that big of a deal. I wouldn’t drive the car with 1/2" too high oil myself.

It’s refreshing to see someone attentive to maintenance. This helps your car last as long and inexpensive as possible.

I notice the same thing every time I have my oil changed. It comes partly from the fact that my Corolla’s oil capacity is only 3.9 quarts while oil is measured in even quarts. The shop isn’t going to try to be exact and they usually add a little extra to be safe.

Ford has a history of mysteriously marking their dipsticks.

I can see how it might be difficult to design a car’s audio system user interface so it was intuitive, but you’d think it would be pretty easy to mark the dipstick in an unambiguous way … lol … sometimes you just got to wonder what the designers and engineers are thinking …I can’t imagine they are purposely trying to make checking the engine oil level confusing for the owner. I’m guessing this is a result of too many chiefs and not enough indians.