2013 Ford Edge won’t crank when the tank is full

If I fill the tank to full , when you try to crank it , it will not crank the first time - it sounds like the bendix or starter is stuck. When you try to crank again it will be is still a little hesitate and then after that it cranks fine. Also If you put gas in the tank and to not fill all the way it cranks just fine not issues.

Please don’t be offended, but the way the complaint is worded comes across as not making sense.

The fuel level in the tank has nothing to do with the starter motor operation.

Offhand, sounds like a battery cable connection has scaled over and needs to be cleaned but that is strictly a guess.

The added time it takes the tank to get full may cause a heat soak to the starter. That could be enough to affect a marginal starter. If connections are OK, the starter could be taken to an auto electric shop for diagnosis and repair.