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Gas tank troubles

I have a 2010 ford edge. The last two times I tried to fill the gas tank, the nozzle on the pump shuts off as if the tank is full. The tank has not reached it’s capacity. I have to “dribble” the gas into the tank, and even then it seems to be backing up the pipe. A simple two minute fill takes ten minutes.

Is it still under warranty? If so, use that warranty. You paid for it.

If not, see the attached document. Page 7 outlines a typical system. Basically, you have a path through a charcoal bed that is opened by the refueling valve and allows vapors from the tank to escape, capturing the gas molecules in the charcoal. If the fill valve isn’t functioning, or if the charcoal bed has somehow gotten saturated or the line is kinked somewhere, the gas tank won;t be able to breath out. Thge upmp will sense this via the vnet line as a fulll tank and shut off.

There’s probably a problem with the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system. This system captures the fuel vapors as the gas tank is being filled. If the gas tank can’t vent into this system as it’s being filled the fueling nozzle will keep shutting off.


Once you get the problem solved, don’t try to get that last bit of gasoline in the tank. When the pump nozzle clicks off, don’t try to top off the tank. If you have been doing this, this may have caused the charcoal bed to become saturated.